Chitose Tateyama


No.1 of the Muto-Assassination team. Like Bravo and Hiwatari, Chitose was part of the Showusei team. She's a serious woman that specializes in scouting, chores, and seems to like to cosplay (denied by herself). She used to have a long braid behind her head and liked to cry, but turned into a more mature person after the first and last mission of the 'Showusei Team'. She is an expert in shredding apple skin. In the anime, she leads the Victor search team composed of Inukai, Busujima, Maruyama and Shusui to kill Victor, but they were defeated and forced to reteat, and only escaped when Chitose used her Buso Renkin, Hermes Drive, to teleport everyone out. She tended to Captain Bravo, who was in the hospital while recovering from his previous battle with Muto Kazuki. (Source: Wikipedia)