千代 (ちよ)

Also Known As:

  • Old Lady Chiyo
  • Delicate Cooking Chiyo

She was once a close friend of master Chin, and they became a combo together showing a great deal of camaraderie, eventually their relationship turned into one of true love. She was also an adherent master of Food Honor, showing that she once had a soul of great gratitude. However during her disappearance she defected from her views and became a merciless and cold-hearted killer who severed all ties with her friends, comrades and her lover. She has even rejected the philosophy of Food Honor, saying that it is a good-for-nothing history. After her descent into darkness, her food honor has suffered, and has proven a liability, such as in her battle with Toriko. She displays an arrogance, scoffing at an eventual fight with Setsuno and treating Toriko as a weakling. Toriko sees her as an abomination whose knife swings (one knife swing said to be worth 100 million yen) are worth no value now. Her change in attitude can be attributed to her son's death which saddened her to the point that she lost her inner gratitude towards life and food. Chiyo's sadness is incredibly deep because the memory of her son's death never left her, even counting the age he would have been if still alive. From her interactions with Master Chin, it is implied that his continued preaching of Food Honor even after their son had died only embittered her even further towards him as well as the philosophy of Food Honor. The very possibility of reviving her son gave her reason enough to join the Bishokukai, to find Acacia's Hors d'oeuvre, "CENTER".