Chizuru Sarashina

更科 千鶴

Also Known As:

  • Chii-chan

Chizuru is a tall girl who makes her first appearance as a classmate of ShÅ«ichi's upon their entering into junior high school and is nicknamed Chii-chan. She is a free spirit who enjoys doing unconventional, often outrageous things which surprise those around her, and she usually acts without thinking, resulting in her giving off a childish personality. Her impulsive attitude can often get her in trouble with other characters, but she quickly becomes ashamed when she realizes the consequences of her caprices. She has a stylish demeanor—highlighted by her stature and long hair—which captivates both ShÅ«ichi and Yoshino when they first meet her. She tries to be everyone's friend, though she is unable to break through Saori's distaste for her strange attitude. She quickly joins the girl's basketball team once in junior high. She is Momoko's childhood friend. Chizuru's family runs a soba restaurant.