Chocolove McDonell


Also Known As:

  • Joco

Joco met his mentor, Orona, on a snowy night when he was young. Orona was among the crowd of people who circled around a victim who was being robbed. The police had the robber surrounded, but he threatened everyone by threatening to kill the victim. Orona stood out from the crowd and asked the police to give him a chance. Joco was watching him, and before he knew it, the robber was laughing his head off and was being carried off by the police. In the manga, the circumstances between Orona and Joco's first meeting are different. After killing a man on Christmas with his gang members from Shaft (the name of the gang, not a specific person or place), Joco walks alone on the streets, reflecting on the horrible murder of his parents on Christmas day years ago (this resentment of the day and humankind is why he shot the man mentioned earlier). After making a little comment, a stranger (Orona) appears and makes a pun with a sight gag using fake blood. After telling him to go away, Joco shoots his gun, but Orona dodges all his shots. Saying that he could not use laughter to help Joco, Orona uses his oversoul with Mic to punch him. The fact that Joco laughs at Orona's comment about using laughter to save the world and that Joco sees Mic forges a relationship between the two. His former master used to own a power spirit named Mic Jaguar (a takeoff from Mick Jagger), who was passed down to Joco when he died. In the manga, he gains a second spirit guardian named Pascal Avaf. With the power of Pascal Avaf, Joco creates his armor oversoul, Jaguarman. Joco killed Redseb's and Seyram's father (the man he killed on Christmas) before he repented under his teacher. He went blind in order to atone for his sins. He also became the strongest of the Five Elemental Warriors, and gained the Spirit of Wind. (Source: Wikipedia)