Chouhi Gundam


Also Known As:

  • Zhang Fei

Character Basis: Zhang Fei Actor: Zeta Gundam Special Attack: Explode, Great Thunder Wave The unrivaled blade. A careless person who gets into quarrels easily, but also a man with an amiable, burning spirit. He may talk big at times but there is an emotional side to him too. He is taking care of war orphans. He was once the man hailed as "the unrivaled blade", embracing his dream to become the strongest, he went to the capital. While he was gone the village was raided by the Yellow Scarves Troops led by the Chou Brothers in the rebellion of Totaku. Chouhi was devastated on the sight of the burning village and never talked about his dream and his past ever since then. The meeting with Ryuubi (Liu Bei) and Kan-u brought him back to his former self. Calls Ryuubi "aniki (big brother)" after they became sworn brothers. In Gekitotsu hen, he travelled with Ryuubi (Liu Bei) to Keishuu to look for Koumei (Kong Ming), there he used Koumei's strategy to beat Sousou's troops. After the Red Cliff battle, he went with the others to Ekishuu to form the country of Shou. In the manga, Chouhi's shoulder armour is originally symmetrical until Ryofu Tallgeese slices off half of the right shoulder piece. The villagers later repair it in gratitude of his efforts, leading to the asymmetrical style seen in the Comic World story and model kit. Weapon: Raija (雷蛇) (Source: Wikipedia)