Chouji Suitengu


The main antagonist. Apparently he is only using Kagura and her mother to extend his influence and profits, but there is a hidden vengeance plan in his agenda. He is a Euphoria with the ability to manipulate his own blood and use it at will to attack and defend. He carries around a music box that belonged to his younger sister, Yui. His real name is Ueno Takeshi. Suitengu once had a normal life with his family. However, his parents were deep in debt with the Tennouzu's Group's predecessors (the Ashikaga Group) and were murdered. Yui and Suitengu were separated, the thirteen year old boy given to the mercies of a perverted and lecherous man before being sold as a child soldier while the five year old girl was sold as a prostitute. Suitengo grew up on the battlefield, told that every kill he made reduced his parents' debt and brought him that much closer to freedom. His last mission was infiltrating a research lab, but the facility was destroyed and Suitengu was severely wounded, even dismembered, in the destruction. However, he contracted the Euphoria virus as a result of this and was thus retreived and repaired by the research lab's remaining scientists so that they could preserve their work. Suitengu despises the fact that his family and his life were ruined for money and as such secretly holds a deep hatred for it. Eventually he was reunited with his sister, but her state of mind had been shattered and he mercifully killed her to end her life as a prostitute. His ultimate goal was to take revenge on the Prime Minister who destroyed his peaceful life and punish people steeped in greed and money by causing the entire country to go bankrupt. (Source: Wikipedia)