Chouryou Bun'en

張遼 文遠/霞

Also Known As:

  • Shia

Guest appearance in Shin Koihime without Seiyuu. Anime version A beautiful, proud warrior who looks like a Yakuza gangster and speaks with a Kansai dialect. She likes a good and honest fight and detests cheating. She is an avid lover of wine. Visual Novel Version She initially begins in the To empire, but jumps to the Gi empire after being defeated by Kak�ton, then to the Shoku empire after being defeated by Kan'u. She has a hatred of unfair battles and enjoys fair fights with strong opponents. She has a strong obsession of Kan'u to the point of even modeling her own weapon as a black version of the Green Dragon Crescent Blade. In the sequel Shin Koihime Mus�, she joins forces with the Gi empire after being defeated by them and remains loyal to them. (Source: Wikipedia)