Choutarou Ootori

鳳 長太郎

Hyoutei Gakuen 2nd Year Birthday: 14th February (Aquarius) Height: 185cm Weight: 72kg Blood Type: O Dominant Hand: Right Play Style: Serve and Volley Shoes: BRIDGESTONE (ARCH POWER X CS (BTSC21)) Racket: BRIDGESTONE (PROBEAM X01 OVER) Special Move: Scud Serve Favorite Food: Beef casserole, Smelt Hobby: Playing the piano and violin Family: Grandmother, Father, Mother, Older Sister, Cat Father's occupation: Lawyer Favorite Subject: Art, Music Favorite color: Rice white Preferred type: nice and faithful girls Committee: cultural committee Worst school subject: experiments on animals Most frequented spot in school: music room, è�·å“¡å®¤ (staff room?) Graduated from: Hyoutei's elementary school division Spends his allowance on: sheet music Motto: One for all, All for one. Movie: The Lord of the Rings Book: æ�±å±±ã�®ç”»é›† (Book of Higashiyama print—apparently Higashiyama refers to an artsy period in Japanese history?) Music: classical (Chopin) Favorite date spot: anywhere will be fine Most desired/needed item: to play the most beautiful piano ever made Daily routine: feeding birds in the garden Dislikes: unfaithful girls Special non-tennis skill: perfect pitch/ear/sense of sound/ musical genius Ootori Choutarou is the second tallest player of Hyoutei Gakuen. He also patiently helped his senpai, Shishido to train so that he can claim his regular position. His Scud Serve is a very fast serve and that it was a hard serve to return. In the Nationals his Neo Scud Serve managed to break the record as the fastest serve. The previous was held by Inui Sadaharu of Seigaku. He is also a musically-inclined person, and he plays the violin as well the piano.