Chris Krana


Chris Krana is an alleged teenage son of Galza's leader Min Durk and a Nafrecian woman, whose maiden name he adopted. After his mother's death, Chris tried to travel to Gazth-Sonika to meet with his father (whom he never knew personally), but Enfant prevented him from entering the country. In the end, a Nafrecian civil servant Piederico Moré secretly "smuggled" Chris into the country and hired Madlax as his bodyguard. With Madlax's help, Chris reached Galza's headquarters, but hasn't found his father there. Instead, Friday Monday explained to him, that Min Durk was just a red herring created by Enfant, and that he, Chris Krana, thus, cannot exist. Krana's ultimate fate is unknown. In episode 21, while Carrossea and Margaret perform the ritual, a young Chirs Krana appeared with Margaret and Poupée during the plane crash in 1999, this explains most of Krana's mysteries. (Source: Wikipedia)