Chris Yukine

雪音 クリス

Also Known As:

  • Chrissie
  • Kurisu

Symphogear: Nehushtan, Ichaival A mysterious girl, who fight Tsubasa and Hibiki. She hates singing because of the destruction it causes. Even though she is violent, she is very kind sometimes. After her fight with Hibiki, she found out Fine lied to her in order to use her. She is the daughter of famous violinist and famous singer. Her parents were killed during conflict with Noise and she was kidnapped by some terrorists. Later she was freed but kidnapped second time by Fine. She and Genjuro make up and she is willingly cooperating with Tsubasa and Hibiki only under Genjuro. She dies while trying to protect the moon, remembering her parents' sacrifice, but supposedly is revived with the Symphogear. Her theme color is red. She pretends to injure Tsubasa by shooting her in the head but deliberately misses as she plots to gain the trust of the group known as "Fine" in order to retrieve Solomon's Cane from enemy hands. (Source: Wikipedia)