Chrono Shindou

新導 クロノ

Chrono Shindou is the main protagonist of Cardfight!! Vanguard G. Before getting into Vanguard, he was anti-social, and wasn't interested in much of anything. However, since getting into Vanguard, his personality has undergone a complete overhaul. In his début, he is unfamiliar with the Cardfight!! Vanguard card game due to it not being available to him at his Orphanage. His Vanguard Circle's colour is violet-red. His surname "Shindou" (æ–°å°Ž) in Japanese means "New Lead," while his first name "Chrono" means "time." Chrono has messy red hair with a pink swirl in the middle and has green eyes.The way his hair Is makes It look like an Ice cream. At first, he usually wears a purple school uniform with a red shirt underneath but later on, he wears a blue jacket with a brown trousers and a black boots in his casual outfit. In Turn 27 and onward, he is shown to wear a white sleeveless jacket with black linings. Chrono possesses above average luck, able to successfully activate Mystery Flare Dragon's skill on the first try. It has been stated on several occasions that Chrono has a strong imagination, which is said to be a valuable skill in a cardfighter. As shown in episode 1, Chrono is capable of hearing the voices of beings of Cray. Chrono possesses incredible athletic ability, as shown when he caught two fortunes with his head. (Source: Cardfight Wikia)