Chun Hyang

Also Known As:

  • Chun-yan

Chun Hyang is young girl yet skillful warrior who travels around legendary Korea with Mong Ryong. She often quarrels with him and calls him "pervert," but it seems that they like each other. She has a very tragic past - father died before her birth, beloved mother committed suicide just a moment before the girl arrived to resque her. Despite that, she s cheerful and very energetic. Doesn't like to be called short, because, hey, she's fourteen, and very mature in her own eyes. Al least compared to her companion. Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Chun-yan is a very fiesty girl who wholeheartedly hates the Ryanban and his dim-witted son. She lives in the town of Ryonfi, where she lets Syaoran and the gang stay (while Kurogane patches her roof destroyed by the Ryanban's magic.) Chunyan cares deeply for her village and her people, and is determined to get the oppressive Ryanban - the man responsible for the death of her powerful Shinban mother - out of power, and avenge her mother's death.