Also Known As:

  • Cinque Nakajima

Although designated with the number '5', Cinque was first activated shortly before Quattro. Her 'IS' allows her to transfer energy into any metal that she touches and transform them into explosives. This ability is typically applied in her Stinger throwing knives. The Shell Coat that she wears is a defensive device with Barrier and AMF capabilities. Very experienced due her long time of service, her small size make her well suited for infiltration missions. With her high operational and combat skills, along with her unique 'IS', Cinque co-leads the Numbers along with Uno and Tre. In spite of her stoic demeanor when executing missions, Cinque has a caring personality that earns her the adulation of her younger sisters. She is especially tender towards Nove, who shows equal concern back towards her. In episode 17, she was heavily damaged by Subaru, but was rescued by Sein. She undergone rejuvenation in Scaglietti's lab and regained consciousness shortly later, but due to heavy damage on her spinal cord and upper body, she did not participate in the events of the Cradle Incident. It was revealed that she was the one who defeated Zest during an ambush 8 years prior to StrikerS, although she lost her right eye in the process. Due to this event, Scaglietti referred to her as "a Combat Cyborg with power to rival an Over-S Ranked mage". This title is somewhat dubious, however, as Zest had been critically injured prior to their engagement while protecting his subordinates. Ironically, when Zest was brought back to life as an Artificial Mage, Cinque was the one appointed to take care of him. In the series, she was last seen in rehab with most of her sisters. In the SSX Sound Stage, she is working for the Bureau, and has become a front-line mage along with Nove and Wendi. She has also developed a firm partnership with Ginga, and she, with, Nove, Dieci and Wendi, has been taken into the Nakajima family, with her, by age, being the second oldest sister, and with Dieci, Nove and Wendi being the third oldest, fifth oldest and youngest respectively. (Source: Wikipedia)