Clair Leonelli


Also Known As:

  • Vampire

Sex: Male Race: Human Age: 19 Hair: Black with blue dye Eyes: Violet Height: 5'6" Weight: 121.3 lbs Clair is the leader (Don) of the Leonelli crime family in the city of Judoh. The title is known as Vampire, perhaps alluding to what a mafia does. His father, Lorenzo, wanted him to be his successor working as Chairman Vampire of Company Vita. The other members of the mafia seem loyal to Clair, but not out of respect; they often worry about invoking his wrath. Clair is mentally unstable, brashly immature, and generally insane, often carrying around hand grenades. He is prone to wild, extremely violent and unpredictable behavior. (He has been compared to Dilandau Albatou of Escaflowne fame.) Perhaps that has something to do with his strict, often times brutual, upbringing. Lorenzo would test his young son, not accepting him for who he was, in an effort to mold him to be the next Vampire. Clair's father could be abusive when he didn't succeed. Growing up with an inferiority complex left Clair insensitive towards others (he calls society "trash") and a seething resentment towards his father. He is out to prove that he can lead the Leonelli family, despite what others believe.