Claire Stanfield


Also Known As:

  • Vino
  • Felix Walken

The youngest train conductor for the Flying Pussy Foot, he tells Miria and Isaac the story of the dreaded "Rail-Tracer," a story about a brutish beast that causes passengers in a train to disappear one by one. He also seems to be the only one who knows how to stop the Rail Tracer... It is later revealed he was raised with the Gandor brothers, and is considered part of their family, as well as being the Rail Tracer aforementioned. During his childhood, he came to live and perform in the circus, which gave him the acrobatic skills and superhuman strength he uses for his profession. He works as an assassin under the name of 'Vino' (he is called Vino because he completely destroys his victims making them look like they have been drenched in wine; "Vino is Italian for wine"). The director of Daily Days has stated he needs to kill in such a violent manner in order to fully believe his victims are dead. He proposes to Chane on their first meeting, asks her to carve her answer into the roof of the Flying Pussyfoot and promises to find her again. He later does so, in the OVA, and asks her to start out as friends, promising that he'll make her fall in love with him.