Claudio S. Darlton


Claudio S. Darlton is a member of the Glaston Knights and is one of Andreas Darlton's adoptive sons. He has curly brown hair and is a member of the Glaston Knights. He is usually calm and polite to everybody, even to his former enemies. He leads the Glaston Knights whenever their commander is absent. After arriving with the Glaston knights in Area 11, his team acts as Cornelia's personal guard. Towards the end of Season One, his team helps to fight off the Black Knights and capture a large portion of their members in the Assault on Tokyo Settlement. In the second season, Claudio and fellow Glaston Knights' members appear while Zero announces his return and declaration of formation of the United States of Japan. During the scheduled execution of the captured members of the Black Knights he fights to stop the prisoners from escaping. He and Edgar then agree to duel Knight of the Round Gino Weinberg, who was testing the security of Area 11's Government Building. He is the only surviving member of the Glaston Knights at the end of the series. (Source: Code Geass Wiki)