Role: Guardian of Dark Age: 25 Height: 190cm Weight: 73kg Birthday: November 11 Zodiac: Scorpio Blood Type: A Mysterious, reclusive, temperamental, but clever. A peaceful, tranquil and calm person in nature. Has a serious aura to him and is hard to please. He speaks seldomly, but only speaks when it is necessary. Break his depressed facade to reveal a person who yearns to smile and avoid loneliness. Since the age of 6, he has been the guardian of dark and has always been the loner type who can be found in his chamber with crystal ball and tarot cards. But when found with company, it's usually Luminale whom he socializes with. In his past, he fell in love with a queen candidate whom later became a Queen. Heartbroken and regected, he became more reclusive. Doesn't work well with Julious. Likes bright women. Enjoys Irish cream and lychee, but hates lobster.