Clotho Fatima

ファティマ クローソー

Clotho is the 45th masterpiece of Dr. Ballanche and the culmination of all his work. She is by far the finest fatima in the galaxy. Her gauge of VA is the highest possible, exceeding all other ranks including Bacstual’s 3Ax5. Even though Clotho is the most powerful fatima in the galaxy, she abhors warfare and killing and is thus a very complex individual. She is not without mind control like her sisters and it may be that Dr. Ballanche programmed her this way specifically. At the beginning of the story Clotho is adopted by the Colus royal family and put under their protection until such a time as she find her true master. During the Colus/Hagooda war, Clotho temporarily replaced the deceased Ulicle as King Colus XXIII’s fatima. In that battle she unleashed the power of the newly resurrected Junchoon and gave everyone a glimpse of her true abilities. After the battle she was sealed with Junchoon until such a time as the galaxy would need them. In J.C. 4100, Clotho and the Junchoon will be reawakened to participate in the liberation of the galaxy from the totalitarian regime of Amaterasu. During this time she will meet her final and true master, Colus XXVI.