コンボイ/ グランドコンボイ/ギャラクシーコンボイ

Also Known As:

  • Grand Convoy; Galaxy Convoy; Optimus Prime

Convoy (Optimus Prime) fights for truth, justice, and the Cybertron (Autobot) way. He has led the search for the Microns (Mini-Cons), faced the resurrection of a dark god, and now aims to stop Megatron from obtaining the Planet Forces / Force Chips (Cyber Planet Keys). He tends to find a second-in-commandy-type to combine with to form a super robot. He learns martial arts from whoever turns into a bulldozer, thinks Hot Rod (Hot Shot) has leadership potential and tends to recruit teenage children. He also fights his evil twin Scourge (Nemesis Prime). (Source: Transformers Wikia, eidted)