Customer Service


Customer Service is one of the main villains in Kirby: Right Back At Ya!, and is the spokesperson and salesman for Nightmare Enterprises. Customer Service arguably holds the second most important role in the company, and is responsible for bringing in the money. Customer Service sells Monsters to King Dedede and makes quite a profit for the company because of it. Customer Service has a basic understanding of each of the monsters that the company owns, knowing which monster would be right for each job. In some rare cases, he even helps Dedede come up with plots to defeat Kirby. Occassionally, Customer Service is known not to respond to Dedede's requests due to the fact his bills are unpaid. He (or Nightmare) even sends a ghost in one episode to collect his debts. In the original Japanese version of the show, Customer Service is very polite. In the 4Kids dub, however, Customer Service appears brash and manipulative and speaks in the style of a stereotypical used car dealer. Customer Service is always free and able to serve the company's clients, regardless of the time of day (or night), but King Dedede once called him during his lunch break. King Dedede often feels that he is trustworthy, and believes that the feeling is mutual. However, Customer Service simply manipulates the King in an always successful attempt to gain money for the company. Escargoon realizes this, and tries his best to get the King not to fall for Customer Service. But his attempts are futile, and Dedede keeps going back to the company to spend more money. However, in extremely rare cases, Escargoon may even buy from the company for his own selfish desires. Customer Service treats his boss, Nightmare, with great respect and holds the utmost loyalty. It is speculated (but uncomfirmed) that Customer Service may be a demon beast himself created by Nightmare to run the company, considering how much he resembles Nightmare and his knowledge of demons. Source: