Czesław Meyer


Also Known As:

  • Czes
  • Benjamin

The youngest Advenna Avis immortal. His guardian, Ferment, tortured him to test the limits of immortality. Czeslaw manages to devour Ferment, ending his suffering. Unfortunately, he learns from Fermet's memories that he was simply being tortured for Femet's own self-satisfaction. As a result, Czeslaw becomes paranoid and trusts no one, making it his mission to devour other immortals before they can devour him. In the 1930s it appears he cares little for the lives of others, even requesting that a large group of people be killed so he could find an immortal among them. However, after meeting Isaac and Miria and being forgiven by Maiza, he stops hunting other immortals and moves in with Ennis and Firo. In the 1970s, he begins searching for the rest of the Advenna Avis immortals with Maiza to inform them of Szilard's death. In 2001 they find Elmer in a secluded European village. They return to New York while Elmer, Sylvie and Nile head to Japan to search for Denkuro.