Daemon Spade


Title: Vongola First Mist Guardian, Vongola Second Mist Guardian Gender: Male Weapon: Daemon Spade's Evil Lens, Scythe, Deck of Cards Flame: Mist Daemon Spade is a dangerous and powerful Illusionist. He strictly resembles Mukuro in looks and personality. He was said to be able to curse enemies by glaring at them through his Weapon called Demon Spade's Evil Lens which resembles the Vongola Mist Owl's Cambio Forma, though "cursing" is likely a metaphorical reference to what happened to anyone he disliked. Also, it was said that those who were glared at through the Evil Lens would be found dead, floating in the sea the next day. He betrayed Vongola Primo during his reign after the death of his lover, Elena, and deems him unworthy to continue leading the Vongola. Sometimes afterwards, during Vongola Secondo's reign, he throw away his own body and survived for hundreds years by continuously possessing one body to another. To create his ideal Vongola Family, he set up the battle between Vongola and Shimon in the present time and kidnapped Chrome during Tsuna's inheritance ceremony in order to gain Mukuro's body by temporarily possessing Shimon Desert Guardian, Julie Katou. He lured Mukuro and possessed his body before the latter could and broke out the Vendicare Prison to fight Tsuna and Enma with his new gained Flame of Night. However, with the combined efforts of the two bosses, they able to defeat Daemon. (Source: Reborn Wikia)