Daiki Aomine

青峰 大輝

Also Known As:

  • Mine-chin
  • Aominecchi
  • Dai-chan
  • Ahomine

Name meaning: Great Shine of the Blue Peak Birthday: August 31 Age: 16 Height: 192 cm (6'3 ½'') Weight: 85 kg Blood Type:B Zodiac: Virgo School: Teiko (formerly), Touou Academy (currently) Favorite food: Teriyaki burger Hobby: looking up gravure/gravure idols Number: #6 (Teiko), #5 (Touou) Position: Power Forward Talents: Skill and Agility, Unusual Speed, Formless Shots, Freestyle Basketball, Zone Play Aomine was the ace of Teikou's team, embracing an aggressive and liquid style, made even more powerful by Kuroko's misdirection. In fact, Aomine was once Kuroko's "Light", before Kagami. Incredibly fast and versatile, Aomine's strength lies in his unpredictability, as well as an uncanny ability to shoot from virtually any position. In his second year in middle school, Aomine inspired Kise to play basketball and he became his training partner. Kise was still a complete rookie, apart from his copying ability, and Aomine was obviously stronger than him, but Aomine kept training with Kise, just because he loves basketball. He taught Kise a lot and became his mentor/idol. During that time, Aomine also became the ace of the team. Though he loves basketball, he has grown sardonic and unenthusiastic toward the sport, skipping practice and even arriving late for important matches. This is due to his frustration in not being able to find an opponent capable of matching his skill, and thus making him conclude that the only one that can defeat him is he himself. He and Momoi are childhood friends. Even though he doesn't show it, he's actually really fond of her, and they have a sibling-like relationship.