First appearance: Chapter 2 Daimonji is a member of the same Karate club Kenichi initially was a part of. Though he uses his great physical strength to his advantage (which he gained by training his body since middle school), he actually does not appear to have a fighting style of his own. He bullies Kenichi very often in the Karate club, and one day offers Kenichi a chance to stay in the Karate club if Kenichi were to beat him. After Miu teaches Kenichi a technique, and trains him at the Ry�zanpaku Dojo, Kenichi wins the match. Though Daimonji lost, he did not leave the Karate club, rather Kenichi did. Daimonji was very humiliated because of the match and wanted revenge against Kenichi. He destroys Kenichi's plants in the Greenhouse and fights him once more, though he loses again. In the YOMI invasion arc, he becomes the club's punching bag when one of the YOMI members, Tirawit Kokin, takes control of the club. Soon after Tirawit figures out Daimonji is too weak to be of any use, he is used as a lure to draw Kenichi into a trap. Immediately after the duel between Kenichi and Tirawit begins, Daimonji runs away. As he runs from the fight, he trips over Kenichi's watering pail, and realizes that he must go back to aid Kenichi. He summons the Shinpaku alliance out of desperation, and inadvertently assists in buying time for Akisame to revive Kenichi. Due to his bravery in helping their disciple despite the possible dangers, Akisame thanks Daimonji on behalf on Ryouzanpaku.