Daisya Barry


An exorcist from Bodrum who, despite his love of playing pranks on the other members of the order (i.e. using his Innocence to crack Tiedoll's glasses), was described by Tiedoll as "a good kid." He was a disciple of Tiedoll and was on his rescue team along with Yu Kanda and Noise Marie. His anti-akuma weapon was a projectile ball which was wielded much like a soccer ball called the "Charity Bell" (隣人ノ�). The Charity Bell was capable of easily destroying Akuma level 2 by resonating inside the Akuma's body. While on his mission to find General Tiedoll, he encountered Tyki Mikk and was found the next morning hung in an upside-down cross fashion from a streetlamp, missing an internal organ and the Charity Bell. His design appears to have been inspired by court jesters of the European Middle Ages. His name is sometimes translated as Deesha Berry.