Dallas Genoard


Eve Genoard's brother and a troublemaker. Dallas comes from the wealthy Genoard family that has close ties with the Runorata Mafia Family. He is Eve's only living relative as both their father and older brother were killed by Gustavo, the second-in-command member of the Runorata Family. Because of this, Dallas develops a deep hatred for the Runoratas, and in order to get his revenge he at first swears loyalty to the Gandor Mafia Family; however, to Dallas' dismay, the Gandors refuse to make him a part of their family as they see him as nothing more than a troublemaker and petty thief, whose only purpose is to keep the police preoccupied so that the Mafia families can carry on their activities undisturbed. After he and his men are beaten by Firo Prochainezo, Dallas develops a deep resentment for the young Camorra member and sets out to get revenge against both Firo and the Gandor family after being granted "partial" immortality by Szilard Quate's incomplete immortality elixir. The elixir had been forcibly injected into him on Szilard's orders, as the immortal sought to use Dallas and his men to retrieve the completed immortality elixir, which had originally been stolen by Dallas who did not know its contents at the time. Through a series of events, Dallas had eventually lost possession of the elixir. After Dallas obtained partial immortality, he became a "most wanted" person by the Runorata family, who wished to experiment on him in order to obtain knowledge about the immortals and the elixir; however, for reasons unknown to Runorata and others, including his younger sister Eve, Dallas has vanished without a trace. His disappearance leads to a hectic search for him by Runorata, Eve, and members of the information network.