Danjo Kouga


Grandfather to Gennosuke and leader to the Kouga, Danjo is revered and higly respected by his clan. As a young man, Danjo fell in love with Ogen, the Iga heir. But when orders were made to finish off the Iga, Ogen believed Danjo deceived here. Almost instantly, their innocent bond passed into bitter hatred, and years later they sit and watch as their dominant ninjas demostrate the migh of each clan. Danjo hopes this impressive display will impress Lord Ieyasu and convince Hattori Hanzo to lift the peace treaty barring rival bloodshed. But even before their showdown, it had already been decided. The Kouga and the Iga will battle to the death to determine the third Tokugawa Shogun. Scrolls are banded with the names of ten ninjas from each clan. The first clan to eliminate all ten will inherit the next seat of power. When old flames strike, there's no turning back and one must eliminate the other. (Source: FUNimation's Official Basilisk Website)