First Appearance Anime: episode 3 "Shining Dimly in the Midst of Despair" Dazz is a member of the 104th Trainees Squad. In chapter 12, when Dot Pixis announces the plan to reconquer Trost District, Dazz has a breakdown and starts screaming that he doesn't want to die. Though Marco Bott tries to quiet him, a commanding officer overhears and threatens to execute him. Dazz replies that execution would be better then being eaten by a Titan. However, Dot Pixis then announces that all deserters will be pardoned—but have to live with the guilt that they abandoned their families to the Titans. Dazz is unable to leave his family to that fate, and returns to participate in the operation to plug the breach. After the mission, he briefly appears in Chapter 21 standing next to Sasha Blouse when Irvin Smith gives a speech urging the 104th Training Squad members to join the Scouting Legion. As he is not present in the group of trainees who join, he presumably opted for the Stationary Guard instead. In Ch. 40, Ymir and Historia Reiss recount a story about Dazz from training. Wanting praise and recognition, Dazz undertook harsh physical training in the snowy mountains. However, he wasn't strong enough to endure it, and nearly died. Ymir told Krista to leave him behind or her own life would be endangered; when Krista refused, Ymir used her Titan shifter powers to bring Dazz back to the camp safely. (Source: Shingeki no Kyojin Wikia)