Dee Ensy Stratmitos


Also Known As:

  • Whisper
  • The Western Witch

Age: 15 Race: Human Class: 3-4 School: Goran Academy Dee Ensy Stratmitos is a ghost that possesses Alice. She has no real form until she is inside , is capable of appearing anywhere at any time, control people's hearts, and grant their wishes as a result. She has a cheerful personality, and likes to tease Ai. Later, she and her friends escaped from Goran Academy. As of episode 11 it is strongly hinted that she has romantic feelings towards Alice, wanting him to always rely on her and needing her, which leads her to envy Ai when she sees her spending more time with Alice. Dee is shown to accompany Alice on his quest to "destroy the world". Alice refers to Dee as his "enemy" when he is back in Ostia, due to the fact that she changed from her original self from being trapped so long in Ostia. However, Alice thanked Dee for traveling with him in the outside world. He even says he was glad that it was her. Unfortunately, Alice doesn't seem to be aware of Dee's feelings for him, but in episode 12, it is shown he cares about Dee. They seem to be good friends since they are from Class 3-4. She reveals to Ai that she died in the village she lived in with Alice and her classmates, during the cultural festival which was what lead to the time loop the village is stuck in. The only way she believes is possible for the time loop to disappear is if Dee herself disappears, which leads her to burn all evidence there is of the incident from Alice, not letting him remember about her death due to her fear that Alice would sacrifice her for the well being of everyone else, something she herself denies but deep down knows it is true, hence why she revolts against Ai helping him and everyone else. Her only goal is to be together with Alice in the village forever. She is however unaware of the fact that Alice was the student who died on that day and not her, which is what leads to the world resetting every time since he does not remember the truth. (Source: Kami NichiWikia)