Also Known As:

  • King of Northern Europe

Nation's name: Kongeriget Danmark (Kingdom of Denmark) Capital: Copenhagen Language: Danish Birthday: June 5 National flower: Water Lily The self-proclaimed “King of Northern Europe” full of youthful vigor and humor. He thinks of himself as the “big brother” figure out of the Nordics, and is always sporting a goofy and cheerful grin no matter what the situation. At one point in history, he lived with and had control over Finland and Sweden, only to have them eventually rebel and leave due to his hard-to-get-along-with nature. They were said to be unable to tolerate his lifestyle and behavior, which was very different from their own. He considers Norway to be his best friend, even though Norway doesn’t think of them as being that close. They’ve known each other since childhood, and Denmark’s grown to feel strongly towards him. Usually, Norway can be found making fun of and bullying Denmark, but Denmark’s too dense to be able to realize this. His personality can be found as being somewhat obnoxious to others; he’s really stubborn and doesn’t listen to people very well. On top of that, he is demanding, bossy, and very controlling. Although it’s said that he’s hard to get along with, he’s actually pretty friendly and good-humored. He is also a hard worker despite it being said that he possesses a carefree attitude. He’s noted to speak in an Ibaraki dialect, and is a very heavy drinker. Although his official human name has not been decided, Hidekaz Himaruya revealed in a blog post that he has considered “Abel,” “Andersen,” “Arneson,” “Bertram,” “Christensen,” “Magnus,” “Mikkel,” and “Simon” as possible first names with the possible surname “Densen.”