Also Known As:

  • Scavenger

Devastor (Scavenger in English version) was hired by Megatron for his skills as a mercenary and a bounty hunter for Microns, due to the troubles Megatron was having with the troops under his command. Devastor claimed that at first he did not know whether to accept the contract or not, until he saw the sorry state of the Destrons after their defeat at the hands of Hot Rod and the Star Saber. His mocking lack of respect or fear for Megatron intimidated the other Destrons, as well as earning Starscream's hatred. Later, it was revealed that Devastor was in fact a Cybertron spy working on the behalf of Convoy (Optimus Prime). After locating the Micron called Dirt (Rollbar in English version), he sets his goal on misleading the Destrons. It is unclear how long Devastor posed as a Destron, but Megatron takes note of his "legacy" in deciding to trust him. Devastor performed his spy duties so well, that he surprised most of the Cybertrons when he turned over an important member of the Cosmotector (Skyboom shield in English version) to Megatron. Devastor continued to serve Megatron until abruptly turning on the Destrons and aiding Convoy. Devastor revealed his past with Convoy as a teacher and fellow soldier before taking Hot Rod under his wing. Devastor believes in hard work, but is also prone to bouts of laziness. He served with the Cybertrons until the end of the Unicron Battles. A former instructor at Cybertron's top military academy, Devastor sets the bar high. It was his (and Landmine's) strict training regimen for the now-legendary Cybertron (Autobot) leader Convoy that has pushed the Cybertrons to countless victories. Not easily impressed, Devastor despises cockiness and values only true skill. Like Convoy, he sees potential in the young Hot Rod. Hot Rod is hotheaded and cocksure, especially now that he wields the Star Saber sword. Devastor sees this as a problem. But it's nothing that can't be beaten out of him. (Source: Transformers Wiki, edited)