Dick Saucer


Now here's something every dragon half and distress causing damsel has been waiting for: their Backstreet bellowing knight in shining armor hero. Dick Saucer is the infamous dragon slayer/pop idol in Dragon Half. He's been said to sing like an angel and fight like a demon. Many girls, both human and inhuman alike, have had their googly eyes on this pretty boy, and long to be his beloved girlfriend. Being a handsome rogue, though, hasn't changed who Saucer is. By nature, Dick is a generous and kind man who really is concerned for those around him. He almost never misses a concert and prides himself in his singing skills, as well his combat techniques. However if there's one thing old Dicky boy can't stand, it's the foul stench of a demonic dragon. Of course that made Mink's life only more complicated seeing as how she has a huge crush on him. The King tricked Dick into believing Mink was a wicked red dragon causing trouble in the kingdom. At first, the sword-swinging singing soldier didn't buy it, but a few tails and horns from Mink were just the polishing notches the knight's sword needed to be convinced. Dick was about to finish Mink off in a brief ,but had to exit seeing as how he had forgotten about his concerts. Eventually Saucer met Mink again at the Killer Martial Arts Tournament. Mink, being the sweet girl that she is, offered Dick a stamina potion she got from a kind woman, but in truth the woman was Rosario and the potion was Ex-lax. Dick took the drink and drank it just before entering his first battle. Dick started the battle out fine, but a few seconds later he learned new meaning to words "bowel movement". Dick's opponent defeated him whilst he was fighting off his "brown demons", and the last we see of Dick is him screaming a vengeful cry while he was sweating away on the crapper. Dick may be the love of Mink's life, but now he's totally convinced she is a red dragon. Brown demons or red dragons will never stop this blonde boy wonder from carrying out his mission, that is unless Mink can help. And not in a "ex-laxy" way. Heh. (source: Absolute Anime)