Dingo currently resides in the land of Jawaii, where he tries to make a living by sculpting totem poles out of blocks of wood. Unfortunately, the job doesn't pay very well. His desire for food leads him to Maha Ichiban, where Netto is trying out the latest flavors of curry. When the two boys meet, an instant rivaly is begun! However, when they become involved in an evil plot spawned by Narcy Hide, they set aside their differences and fight as a team. The result is a long lasting friendship between both humans and navis. Dingo operates the very spunky and Rockman-look-alike navi, Tomahawkman. The two get along pretty well, though Tomahawkman tends to nag at Dingo when his operator's stubborness gets him into trouble. Dingo eventually joins Dekao as a worker at the Maha Ichiban curry resturaunt, which is still operated by the old World 3. When he makes deliveries, he has a tendacy to get lost, thanks to attempting to rely on his tomahawk for pointing the way. Dingo and Tomahawkman remain constant characters until the very end of the EXE series genre. (Source: Rockman.exe Online)