Dinn Dee

Captain of the 10th Platoon, which is now implied to be disbanded or inactive. He, Sharnid, and Shena were best friends in the past and worked so well together that they were seen as the "knight of a new generation". He vowed to the former captain to protect Zuellni along with Sharnid and Shena after their loss to Gandoweria, wearing the captain's cartilage earring as a symbol of the vow. After Sharnid left the platoon, Dinn challenged Sharnid to a duel, in which Sharnid did not fight back at all. The platoon's overall rank dramatically dropped with Sharnid's absence. In order to overthrow Vanze, he used Overload to get stronger. Nonetheless, he was still beaten by Layfon in the interplatoon match. Consequently, he was possessed by the Haikizoku and nearly taken away by Haia. The Haikizoku leaves his body after Shena tells him that everything has ended. Currently, he is barely able to function due to the side effects of Overload. He is seen in episode 20 when Nina goes to talk to him. Unfortunately, Dinn is now a cripple and brain damaged, making him unable to answer Nina. His DITE is a pair of gloves that can shoot out projectiles with his kei. (Source: Wikipedia)