Doppo Orochi

愚地 独歩

Also Known As:

  • God of War

A karate master and head of the shinshinkai-kan.One of the only people in the world able to stand toe-to-toe with Yujiro. He whips his students into shape by fighting them regularly, and practices all of his karate techniques at least one thousand times daily. A very devoted karate practitioner, and a mentor of Baki's. Also the instructor of Katou and father of Katsumi. He fought Yujiro, who gouged his eye out and killed him. However, Doppo was revived by Kureha. He eventually fights the escaped American convict Dorian in the 'Search of our Strongest Hero' manga series. Dorian manages to cut off Doppo's hand with a strange wire-cutting technique in which he uses a wire blade projected from a lighter. Doppo later avenges this loss when he, Katsumi, and Retsu track Dorian down. Shortly after this however, Dorian escapes from the hospital and uses an explosive that is implanted into his hand to blow off part of Doppo's face. This however, does not kill him, but leaves many scars on his face. (Source: Wikipedia)