Dorami is Doraemon's little sister. Interestingly, they are siblings because they drank out of each other's oil cans. Even though they are siblings, she is more quick-witted and brighter than him as she is ran by the lower portion of the same can of oil that Doraemon ran, which has more nutrients than the upper portion. She is yellow with a cute face, a small nose, and a red bow behind her head. She is manufactured on December 2nd on the year 2114, 2 years after her brother was made. She appeared in various episodes, mainly being called from Doraemon for help, or to just show off a new tool. Her favourite food is Melon Pan and she hates cockroaches, similar to her brother Doraemon's phobia of mice/rats. In the next generation, Dorami will have a relationship with Dora the Kid. (Source: Doraemon Wikia)