Doremi Harukaze


Also Known As:

  • Dory

Self-proclaimed as the "unluckiest pretty girl in the world", Doremi inherits the traits of every main character: clumsy and ditzy, but with a compassion for others. Doremi is the girl who first becomes a witch, and at first, her magic only got her into trouble. One important fact about Doremi is that she has an obsession with steak. However, her hopes of getting one are extremely slim. In each season, she has an open chance to get a steak, but she'd turn it down in some way. Frankly, Doremi's first magic spell was attempting to conjure up one, but it failed. Doremi has no real love interest, except she has affection for Kotake Tetsuya and Akatsuki of the FLAT4. Doremi's birthday is July 30, her favorite color is pink, and her instrument is the piano. Her family consists of her parents, Keisuke and Haruka, and her younger sister, Poppu. In Russian, she is renamed to Aleksandra Vinogradova she is voiced by Ekaterina Klimova on Perviy Kanal in Russia.