Dr. Boyer

Dr. Boyer is a surgeon at Eisler Memorial Hospital. He and another doctor were to join Tenma for Mayor Roedecker's surgery. After Tenma operates on Johan Liebert instead, Dr. Boyer scolds Tenma for inadvertently causing Roedecker's death and stated that the doctors had to scramble to cover for him at the last minute. Because of this, Director Udo Heinemann appoints Dr. Boyer to be the new Head of Neurosurgery. When Anna Liebert collapses near Johan, Boyer is instructed to photograph her memory jog over Tenma's objections as part of Director Heinemann's "emergency image-saver" for retrieving hospital's costs. Dr. Boyer tells Tenma that Director Heinemann has put him in charge of the Liebert twins and that he can't argue with Director Heinemann on this. After Johan awakens, Dr. Boyer tells Tenma that he has served his purpose by saving Johan's life and orders Tenma to return to his post as Dr. Boyer enters Johan's room. Director Heinemann, Dr. Oppenheim and Dr. Boyer are later found dead where they were poisoned with candy left by Johan Liebert.