Also Known As:

  • Dextra

She is Dr. Faker's right-hand woman in the same position as Gauche, as well as being one of the committee members responsible for maintaining the World Duel Carnival. Opposite to Gauche's high-spirited personality, Droite is a very cold-blooded person. Episode 54 Before Droite's Duel with Tron could begin, Mr. Heartland cut the footage so that they could Duel at their hardest. Tron asked why she was doing so much for Kaito, and she responded that she loved him and expressed a desire to fight without relying on others, just as Kaito had. On her first turn, Droite set up a masterful strategy comprised of "Photon Papilloperative", "Butterfly Charm", "Assassin Gate", and "Death Butterfly Invitation", which in combination with the "Jungle Field" restricted Tron's movements within the Duel. Despite this combination in conjunction with her large amount Life Points, Tron managed to Xyz Summon his "Number 8: Heraldic King Genome Heriter" and defeat Droite. This resulted in her not only being eliminated from the World Duel Carnival, but also having all memory of Kaito wiped clean from her mind. While Droite is left emotionally scarred in Yuma's arms, she requests to Yuma to make sure that Kaito does not forget her. (Source: Yu-Gi-Oh! Wikia)