DunHeely Weller

Age: Changes - 25 to 80's Birthday: Unknown Gender: Male Eyes: Brown Hair: Chestnut Brown/ Grey Height: Unknown Weight: Unknown Race: Human Family: Lover - Cecilie, Children - Conrad Power: Skill as a swordsman Likes: Freedom, Roaming, Strong people, Equality Dislikes: Oppression, Staying in one place too long Personality: Dunheely has a lot of pride in himself and his family. He often tries to right wrongs that have been committed against innocent people. He loves Cecilie but decides that she deserves better than him. Status: Deceased Rurouni, hero and expert barehanded fisherman Dunheely tries to help the underprivileged wherever he goes. Dunheely ran across Lady Cecilie in his wanderings and promptly fell in love. Despite his feelings he left Cecilie to continue his quests throughout the land. He passed away an old man defending Demon Tribe Citizens who were being persecuted by bandits.