Age: 12 (14 in 2nd cour) Height: 134 cm Birthday: May 23 Sign: Gemini A young Martian girl who serves Princess Asseylum as her loyal maid. Eddelrittuo is a proud and somewhat childish young girl. She is extremely respectful of Princess Asseylum and seems to harbor some of the negative preconceptions that Martians have of the people of the Earth. Eddelrittuo is usually quite concerned about her well being. Eddelrittuo gets annoyed when people do not refer to her properly and haughtily attempts to correct them. Her attitude towards the humans of Earth gradually softens. Eddelrittuo is a highly skilled driver, even though she is underage. She also claims to be able to pilot a Kataphrakt competently. She now serves Lemrina, Asseylum's half-sister. In 2nd cour, it's shown that she has feelings for Slaine, and admires him. However, she starts getting suspicious of his doings when Asseylum wakes up.