Eduard Markgraf von Sekt Braunschweig

Also Known As:

  • Ed

Date of Birth: July 3 (17 years old) Blood Type: B Height: 175 cm Weight: 61 kg Club Activities: Horse-Riding Club Likes: Music Dislikes: Formal Places Eduard is nicknamed "Ed" by most of the people around him. His title, Markgraf means Marquis and is pretty low. His father had an illegal affair with a woman of a lower rank, resulting in Ed and his little sister Elaine. After his mother died, his father took him into his house. However, he was already married with three girls, all of whom older then Ed. Henriette Braunschweig, Ed's step-mother, hated Ed because she wasn't able to give birth to a male heir to the Braunschweig family assets. She even told her daughters not to speak with their two step-siblings. It became so bad that Ed's father had Elaine removed from the house, and her whereabouts are unknown. Ed is still burdened by this because he promised his sister he would protect her, and was unable to fulfill that promise. Ed's appearance is unlike the other nobles in the series. He goes with his neck uncovered, he is more tanned then the others and has an earring. Ed is very cheerful and likes to take things easy. He is also the comic relief throughout the series, with his attempts at meditation and kendo. He makes friends easily and wears his heart on his sleeve, though he doesn't care what other people think about him. He is a good swordsman but is not above using his fists in a fight, another thing that distinguishes him from the other nobles. Source: Wikipedia and Meine Liebe Manga