Edwin Silver


The Weapons Officer of Vega Platoon. A former mercenary, he is well known as one of the best gunmen in the SDF. He's particularly good with rapid-fire, one-on-one fighting and is skilled at hand-to-hand combat as well. Although he was invited to join the Space Panzer Grenadiers, he declined and became Murase's first officer. He can seem coarse at first, but has a gentle, caring side and sees Schneider as a brother. In his spare time, they can be seen picking fights downtown, but Schneider brilliantly seems to be able to keep it under wraps. He seems to cherish the closeness that his platoon has with the Sirius Platoon, but also sees it as a rivalry. He was killed as a result of injuries sustained when the Gustav Cannons exploded during the final battle with the Alfort Armada. (Source: Wikipedia)