Einhald Stratos

アインハルト・ストラトス / ハイデイ・E・S・イングヴアルト

Also Known As:

  • Einhart
  • The Emperor
  • Hegemon
  • Heidi E. S. Ingvalt

A user of Kaiser Arts that has given herself the name of the previous Sankt Kaiser. She picked street fights in order to prove that Hegemon's strength is the greatest of all Belkan warriors. Like Vivio, she has a child form and an adult form, though the latter is taxing on her mind, and she also has heterochromia. Her true identity is discovered by Nove and the Nakajimas, who decide to help her better understand everyone and become acquainted with Vivio. (Source: Wikipedia) Note: "Einhald Stratos" is the official spelling of her name per Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha official printed and digital images. Please do not submit changes for the name.