Medina La Lugensius Electra


Age: 26 Electra was orphaned in the destruction of her hometown. She was saved by Captain Nemo and is his first mate on the Nautilus. She and Nemo share a past experience that's never fully explained. Electra is deeply in love with Nemo, although she also harbors a deep grudge towards him for the deaths of her family. She becomes extremely jealous of Grandis' infatuation for the Captain, igniting a heated rivalry between them for his love. She grows fond of Jean and his determination to learn about technology, seeing something of her long lost brother in him. Nadia, on the other hand, detests Electra and becomes increasingly (and irrationally) jealous of Jean's friendship with the First Officer (her inability to express her concern to Jean nearly ruins their own relationship); likewise, Electra fears that Nadia will somehow steal Nemo's heart away from her. Eventually, however, both women open up to one another. At the end of the series, Electra is revealed to be pregnant with Nemo's child, and Marie reveals in the epilogue that she gave birth to a son and raised him with love, like Nemo asked her. (Source: Wikipedia)