Elfreda Mirjasdottir


Also Known As:

  • Effie

Nicknamed Effie, Elfleda is part of Lotte's female-only staff and her former wet nurse. She is very notable for her huge chest, which even made Naoya blush at first. Effie is also one of Lotte's confidantes, the other one being Griselda. Effie hails from a noble race with traits similar to cows that is able to produce a high-quality milk prized for its superb taste and medicinal qualities. It is revealed that her milk has a hint of apple flavor. Effie also wears a bell around her neck, another trait of cows. Effie is generally nice, but can be slightly perverted at times, and is easily embarrassed around Naoya at first. Effie is usually seen together with Griselda or Judit, watching over the princess, Asuha, and Naoya.