Elika Drakul Draupnils


Age: 15 Height: 154cm Weight: 41kg Bust : 77cm Waist: 55cm Hip: 82cm Elika is the daughter of a baron and hails from a race of vampires. She is one of Lotte's and Asuha's friends, although Elika and Lotte are more akin to rivals in terms of pride whereas she and Asuha often look after Lotte or make schemes together. Elika holds a great deal of pride in herself as she comes from a high noble race, and her situation is similar to Lotte's, both of which are tsundere. However, it has been shown many times that Elika cares and worries for her friends, proven when she and Asuha watched over Lotte and Naoya during their trip to the amusement park and many others. During the Ygvarland festivities, Naoya finds Elika and brings the girls together, therefore making Elika, and Lotte and Ashua's friends acquaintances. They are later shown cheering on Lotte and Asuha's performance. Despite the obvious caring intentions she has, Elika often denies these acts since she holds a great deal of pride, making her akin to a tsundere like Lotte, although to a lesser extent since Elika is slightly older than her. As a vampire, Elika, like Astarotte, will soon need to start consuming blood on a regular basis to sustain herself, although the manga claims that she can still resort to drinking tomato juice for a while longer because of her young age.