Elk Domel


Also Known As:

  • The Space Wolf

Military defense commander of the Great Gamilas Empire, Small Magellanic Cloud. Rank is Lieutenant General. The equivalent of 38 Earth years of age. A famous general of Gamilas admired by enemy and ally alike as "The Wolf of Space." He is dispatched from the Small Magellanic Cloud as a measure against the barbarians which repeatedly invade the imperial domain. While commanding the forces of the Small Magellanic Cloud, he takes up the defense of the front lines. His 6th Space Armored Division is called the "Domel Army Corps," whose mobility gives them a striking power like a blast of wind. Their unity is said to be the best in all of Gamilas. Rather than striking directly at an enemy, they divide them and force a surrender, making full use of driving tactics. Domel is adored by his subordinates and has a noble-minded personality. He holds ability in high regard and does not discriminate against those he conquers. He has the chivalrous soul of a knight and honors an opponent who does their best. Domel's main duty is that of a military officer, and though he keeps his distance from politics, he is a close associate of Dessler and enjoys national popularity. There are also many who do not admire him. (Source: ourstarblazers.com)