Emergy Maxfell


He first appears in episode 9. Emergy Maxfell, also known as "Maxfell on the Cliff," and "Pinch Maxfell," has an alter called "Super Pinch Crusher." In times of great distress a pair of giant robots, "Super Pinch Crusher" and "Pinch Bird", appear to save the day and get him out any 'pinch' he's gotten himself into. The greater Maxfell's pinch, the stronger his robots become. The two combine to form "Great Pinch Crusher". In this form, its attacks are known as "Danger Hazard", "Hazard Rapid Fire" and "Reversing Flash Cut", in which the robot uses a giant sword. He often fools his opponents into pushing him to the edge of despair, as that is the only way to activate his alter power. With his Alter, along with his costume, he is a fairly obvious parody of Mecha shows, his uniform, watch and scarf all being clichés of that genre. More specifically, his uniform is a copy of the first Kamen Rider. Emergy seems childish, and following his defeat at Kazuma's hands using his newly acquired Shell Bullet Burst, he regresses completely and starts playing with a toy he formed using his alter. He doesn't make any further appearances, so it is unknown what happens to him later. from wikipedia