Emilou Apacci


Date of birth: May 17 Zodiac sign: Taurus Height: 156 cm (5'1") Weight: 42 kg Arrancar 54 Emilou Apacci (エミルー・アパッãƒ�, Emiruu Apatchi?) is one of Tier Halibel's Fracción. In her early life, she was a deer-like Adjuchas who was befriended by Halibel after she saved her from a Hollow that tried to eat her. She was brought to Halibel's base where she met Franceska Mila Rose and Cyan Sung-Sun. Emilou ended up joining Halibel's group. Sometime after Halibel's audience with Baraggan, she and the others tried to help Halibel when her base was attacked by a Hammerhead Arrancar only for them to be saved by Aizen. Some years later, she alongside Franceska and Cyan were with Halibel when she was watching Ichigo fighting Grimmjow. When in the fake Karakura Town, Emilou, Franceska, and Cyan Sung-Sun ended up fighting Rangiku Matsumoto until Momo Hinamori arrived to help Rangiku. Her ZanpakutÅ� is Cierva (碧鹿闘女 (シエルãƒ�), Shieruba?, Spanish for "Doe," Japanese for "Blue Deer Battle Girl") which are actually the collars she wears over her wrists. When released, Emilou becomes more deer-like with brown fur, antlers, and hooves in place of her feet. Combined with the powers of Franceska and Cyan, Emilou can perform the Quimera Parca where their left arms can combine to form the chimeric Hollow Ayon who manages to defeat most of the lieutenants. After Ayon is slain by GenryÅ«sai Shigekuni Yamamoto, Emilou, Franceska, and Cyan were hit by Yamamoto's fire attack and fell to the ground.